9 05 2012

Three weeks from tomorrow, I will leave this house, this country. This all seems a bit surreal, but it is happening. Two weeks from today, the first set of movers come to start picking away at our life here and send pieces of it on to the next phase. It is hard to believe.

I am trying not to dwell on what I will leave behind, though there are many precious things, places, and especially people I will miss. Instead, I am trying to move forward and focus on what is ahead. To that end, welcome to the new blog! No more Exploring in England. This blog should follow me all over the world, as I explore new countries and cultures and life with an enthusiastic junior explorer.

Stay tuned for excitement from Norway, the U.S., and eventually Japan over the next few months.




4 responses

9 05 2012

sad (1). Deep down I am happy for you really. It’s just buried deep, deep down.

9 05 2012

Yeah, I know. I feel the same way. Very bittersweet.

14 05 2012
Mel Browne

England (and I) will be the sadder for your leaving, but the better for your passing through.

14 08 2012

Thanks for posting the link to your blog! I’ll be following you:)

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