Transition — Japanese food in the U.K.

14 05 2012

In an attempt to introduce B to some of the cooler elements of Japanese culture, and to celebrate (American) Mother’s Day, we headed down to Meadowhall in Sheffield for some sushi. Stupidly, I didn’t bring my camera with me. Oh well, you will just have to imagine great photos.

Yo Sushi sits right in the middle of the mall, not in the food court. It is a fairly small restaurant, so the wait can be long if you arrive at the wrong time. Seating is mostly bar style along the belt, though there are a few booth available as well. Wondering what the heck I am taking about with the belt? That is the best part. The sushi is served in small portions on a conveyor system that winds its way through the seating area. When you see something you want, you can just reach out and grab it. (This is old news to many of you, but if you haven’t seen the set up, it is worth checking out.)

For those who are a bit intimidated by sushi, this is the perfect entree. You can actually see what each dish looks like before you buy it. If you aren’t sure what something is, a colorful menu shows examples of almost everything circling by. And if you fancy something special that hasn’t been making the rounds, you can place a special order by pressing a button in the table. Miss B was fascinated, but in the end only wanted a dish of donayaki, aka Japanese sweet pancakes. Which is a start, at least.

Whether you want a little or a lot, it is easy to get just what you are looking for. On Sundays, Yo Sushi offers a “Sumo Sushi” special: all you can eat, including tea and water, for 19.50. This is a really good deal, and you should strongly consider it. We weren’t that hungry and didn’t order it, but unfortunately kept selecting the more expensive dishes and quickly went over the all-you-can-eat price. Oops!




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