Blast from the Past

14 08 2012

I haven’t talked much about Japanese vending machines, and I think it is time to start. The Japanese love their vending machines. Around here, we mostly find drink vending machines, but in cities, it’s a vending machine free-for-all. Drink machines proliferate everywhere, outside many buildings and in parks. This one is from Train Park, a local playground that also has an enormous real steam engine to climb around on.It is a little hard to tell from the picture, but you probably won’t recognize too many of the offerings. There are a few token Western sodas, but in general the machine is full of canned coffee drinks and iced teas. Most coffees are sweetened; most teas are not. I have been pretty happy with everything I have tried.
And yet.

R and B went out to the electronics store the other night and brought home a new-to-us vending machine treat. It was brightly colored, easy to tell what we were getting. Check it out:

It’s banana milk of some type. I’ve seem similar things in the U.S. Not really my favorite, but I was willing to give it a go. So we all tried it. And what a blast from the past — this lovely beverage tastes exactly like Amoxicillin. You know, the banana kind. With each sip, I found myself imagining an ear ache. R agreed, and even B, who has never needed Amoxicillin, couldn’t take it.

Sometimes, a taste just goes too far.




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14 08 2012


14 08 2012

aah, i spelt my name wrong! (i wondered why my avatar didn’t come up on the previous two comments)

14 08 2012

Okay so taste was gag inducing, but how did your ears feel?!

14 08 2012

You can buy beer any time, maybe there are fewer cigarette vending machines now… You Can get hot and cold drinks, and if you look in the right place you might find rather unsavoury items too!

14 08 2012

Haha! That’s so weird/gross. I had a weird smell memory awhile ago that triggered the taste and smell of Calpal… or whatever that weird pink stuff was, I’m sure that’s not how it was spelled… in my child’s mind of the time I thought it was Cow Paw.

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