Shimokita Adventures, Part 2

11 09 2012

After our visit to the horses last weekend, we headed across the top of the peninsula to check out what else there was to see. We were staying the night in a cabin at Sai Village. Finding the cabin was a bit of a challenge, as our directions were pretty basic (follow this road for a dozens of kilometers; cabins are on the left). No pictures of cabin, alas, but it was decent. A great choice for a larger group, the cabins sleep 10 on futons and bunk beds, have bathrooms with western toilets, and small kitchen.This was the view about 5 minutes away from the cabin. We stopped at this beach for about an hour. Simply gorgeous. Have a look at some more of the beauty:

In the crystal clear water, it was easy to see a bit of marine life. B was fascinated by crabs, tiny fish, and even jellyfish floating on by. She was so excited that she was by the shore for at least 20 minutes, which is an age in toddler time.

Next up, Hotokegaura and snow monkeys!




2 responses

11 09 2012

What an incredibly beautiful spot! I love the photo of her sea exploration and yeah, she needs some wellies!

11 09 2012

Beautiful photos!

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