The Good Old Hockey Game

28 10 2012

Yes, it’s the best game you can name!

We are casual hockey fans. I don’t have any interest in most sports, but hockey I understand. So when we found out our local hockey team, the Tohoku Free Blades, was playing a few games in Misawa, we jumped at the chance.

Tohoku is the name for the whole northern region of Japan’s main island, Honshu. The team doesn’t appear to have a permanent home stadium, but travels to ice arenas in several cities throughout the area. The Free Blades are part of the Asia League, which includes China and Korea. Teams fly back and forth between the countries, but the level isn’t quite what you might expect from international competition. More like minor league NHL action.

We had never been to the Misawa Ice Arena, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when we walked in. It is fairly tiny — couldn’t seat more than 1000. And there were a lot of open seats. Maybe Misawa isn’t a big hockey town.

B had a great time watching the Zamboni (technically, not a Zamboni but some other brand). The game started slow but was very exciting. We won in double overtime!

Foodwise, we were a bit disappointed. I was hoping there would be interesting Japanese festival foods, but the only concessions were from a bake sale sponsored by Americans. Since I wasn’t particularly interested in buying Cheez Whiz nachos or whole cakes, there wasn’t much to offer.

We had a great time and can’t wait for the next time the team is in town. I think we may have to wait a year, but we will be there!




26 10 2012

I haven’t forgotten about you all, and I have lots of things to share. Unfortunately, somewhere in the unpacking of all our stuff, I have completely lost the battery charger for my camera. So I have a dead camera full of great pictures to share, and no way to take new ones until I get another. More picture posts will follow once I am back in business. Now I need to find the charger, or figure out enough Japanese to try to get one locally. Amazon won’t ship them to an APO. Frustrating.
This week, we carved our pumpkins for Halloween and went to our first ever Trunk or Treat. For those not in the know, this is where families meet up in a parking lot and trick or treat from car to car. Many (cooler than us) people decorated their cars elaborately. We had good candy to hand out and that was about all. Great pictures of B and her friends to come. She is a pilot this year. Very fitting for someone who has spent as much time on planes as she has this year!

We did a bit of cabin camping this month by a nearby lake. We had a pretty good time, but trying to cook outside in strong wind and rain just reminded me that camping isn’t really my thing. Perhaps is it going to be a Daddy and Daughter thing? Again, beautiful pictures of that once I can access my camera again.

B and I took a great nature walk this week. We are so lucky to be in a place with such diverse ecosystems. We were able to walk through conifer and deciduous forests (the leaves are changing, so it was particularly dramatic), all while being 10 minutes from the beach and less than an hour from some serious mountains! Japan is a really cool place to explore if you like nature. Come on over and see!