It’s Dino Time

4 09 2013




For those of you more interested in travels than teaching, hang on — photos and thoughts from Hawaii should be coming soon. But first, I wanted to talk a little bit about what we are learning about these days, and by we I do mean ALL of us.

We are officially homeschooling (preschooling) this year, which means I am actively pursuing educational time each day in lieu of preschool. There is no English-language preschool we are eligible here, so we are pursuing other options. To this end, I am taking a course in Project Based Homeschooling, or PBH. With PBH, the parents serve as facilitators and mentors helping children pursue their own deep interests. I am learning a lot, and I’m eager to dig in and help B discover more about the world.

Perhaps not our first official “project,” but a topic we keep coming back to is dinosaurs. B loves them. Loves learning about them, playing with them, digging up their bones. We were so lucky to have found a fossil in Pennsylvania this summer, and even luckier that a paleontology professor actually responded to our emailed questions about what we had found.

The photo above is a collaborative drawing. B knows all the identifying features of her favorite dinos, and she drew those in first, asking me to come back in later and fill in the rest of the bodies. She asked me to label both names and identifiers, which I was happy to do.

Now dinosaurs haven’t ever been one of my big interests, so we are coming at them from about the same level. Through the magic of Coursera I have found a MOOC (massive open online course) from the University of Alberta that provides a lot of great info in short video segments, with quizzes and interactive activities. Class starts today, but you can join in any time in the next few weeks, if this is of interest to you too.

It feels great to be back in learning mode again, learning both about education and paleontology!