Read Harder #1: Challenge Accepted

2 01 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 is under way, and with it, a new reading challenge for me. This year I am undertaking the Book Riot Read Harder challenge. The goal is fairly modest — 24 books in a year. What makes it challenging is the breadth of reading selections. Books are chosen from 24 categories (age of author, geographic location, genre, etc.), encouraging each reader to pick up something that is a bit of a stretch.

The world is overflowing with media, things to read, watch, hear. Ironically, the greater the options, the more likely it is that you will find your perfect little niche — and stay there. This year I am branching out, reading books that have been on my list for years and books I have never heard of. It is my sincere hope that I come through 2015 having learned more about the world, and about myself.

Stay tuned. I will briefly update as I complete each book. I also plan to provide a children’s book selection for each category so that kids can join along.

Care to join me?




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4 01 2015
Reading! | Lost in Twins

[…] The Martian, have I mentioned how good it is? I’m determined to read more this year so when a Twitter friend tweeted about the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge I knew I was in […]

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