What did I just eat? Sweet edition

24 08 2012

Saturday night. It was hot. We had been out to dinner but were looking for a little something else to round out the evening. Dessert at the restaurant was expensive and unappealing, so what to do? Hit a convenience store, of course.

We raided the ice cream freezer at our local Lawson’s, bringing home all of these goodies:

It was a mixture of some items that were fairly safe and a few that were pretty big outliers.

Let’s start on the left. That would be Coolish. It’s basically a chocolate soft ice cream juice box. You knead it a little then suck it out of the nozzle on top. This one was fairly good, with a nice chocolatey flavor. However, the main draw to this one is the unique packaging.

Next up, the Giant. R and I didn’t try it, but it was quickly devoured by a very messy B. It appeared to be a standard chocolate cone.

Meiji Crispy’s [sic] are pretty much vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate and sandwiched between two wafer cookies. The wafers were brittle and tasteless, but this thing wasn’t too bad.

Now on to the really interesting one, the Parico. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one, which had little bottle shapes on the front. I assumed the bottles were symbolic, just indicating a coffee milk flavor. I was a little bit wrong.Ignore the bad picture of R; focus on the bottle instead. The box contained two small bottles. Peel the top off. The bottle is full of ice cream. Squeeze it up to enjoy the delicious coffee flavor. This one was pretty fun to eat and tasty, too!

Last, but definitely least, were those spinach cookies. We hoped that they were somehow a uniquely delicious take on spinach. They weren’t. They kind of tasted like a combination of shortbread cookies and spinach fettucine. Awful. Just awful.

That wraps this up this episode of What Did I Just Eat? Stay tuned for our next edition, which will feature some unique beverages.